I sourced the impeller from GrabCad to use as a programming example. It’s not been designed for manufacture but it’s a good example to use to show the versatility of the programming that we can provide.


I’ve programmed this on a 6 axis Mill/Turn machining centre to reduce the machining operations. This could be machined in 1 operation on a multi spindle Mill/Turn but if resources are an issue it could have quite easily be machined in 2 CNC Turning operations, a 3 axis CNC Machining centre to drill the holes and mill the counter bores and a 5 axis CNC Machining Centre.



The 1st Mill/Turn operation

The part is rough turned, grooved, drilled, bored, uses the machines milling capability to drill the PCD and then mill’s the counterbores using the back of a grooving tool as we can’t access these from the front of the part.

The 2nd Mill/Turn operation

If resources allowed it we would use the sub spindle to locate the part on the turned flange diameter to finish machine the part. If we used a single spindle Mill/Turn then we could program an orientation hole or locate the part in a fixture.


For the second operation we rough and finish turn the part, rough the blades (ideally this part would be water lined), Semi finish the blades and floor using 3 +2 strategies, finish the blades and floor using full 5 axis simultaneous cutting strategies and then we’d scan remaining fillet radii using 3 + 2 strategies.

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