Touch Lock System

We needed to design a fixturing system to dampen vibrations whilst that didn’t undermine the existing fixturing points. We opted to use a Touch lock system to complement the existing 3 point fixture. We couldn’t find anything off the shelf that was suitable to our needs to we designed our own. The part was designed using SolidWorks 2014.


The body is a turned and bored cylinder with stock left in the bore for grinding. The slots and holes are added, then bore is finish ground to size. The body is then case hardened.


The Piston Rod is turned leaving stock on the O/D, drilled, flat bottomed and chamfered to seat the spring. It’s then turned around and the Seating Pin bore detail is finished. The O/D is ground and the Piston Pin is case hardened.  


The Seating Pin is turned complete and case hardened. The Locking Handle, Dowel and U-Ring are off the shelf items.


The assembly is then detailed, complete with a Bill of Material. The assembly instructions are also explained.


Each part that requires manufacturing is also detailed for machining and heat treatment. These are given individual Part numbers. 

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