CNC Indexer Assembly

Whilst working on an NPI project for a customer, we had a requirement to put together a project to implement a 5 axis machining trimming operation of some titanium hot form pressings.


The customer had a new Mazak VTC 800/20SR, which is a 4 axis CNC machining centre with an additional Kitagawa CNC Indexer to enable full simultaneous 5 axis machining. Traditionally the customer had used the CNC Indexer to run around the Z axis. This was using a 5 axis Vice assembly, incorporating a riser piece which was also designed by Advance Machining Solutions.

However, some of the components to be trimmed were over 950mm in length and the machine only has a stroke of 800mm in the Y axis so we had to devise a new method.


We considered a tombstone but this option would be costly to source. Ultimately we decided to use a Trunnion Assembly. There are 14 parts to machine in 7 machining fixtures.


We decided to use 2 machining set ups, consisting of loading 4 fixtures on one set up and 3 fixtures on the second set up. This also means the customer can machine multiple parts in 1 set up.


The fixtures were also Poke yoked to eliminate erroneous operator loading.


Advance Machining Solutions produced 3D Models, 2D Drawings & CAM programs.

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